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Coastal Performance is proud to announce our new training option for the Palm Beach Gardens Predators starting the week of January 8th, 2018!  
LTAD (Long-Term Athletic Development) Training sessions at Coastal are designed to provide aspiring middle and high school athletes with the skills they need to reach the next level.  Each workout covers all the essential parts of improving performance including: 
– Flexibility/Mobility 
– Speed/Change of Direction Skills 
– Explosiveness and Power 
– Strength and Stability
– Posture and Injury Prevention
– Conditioning and Energy System Development 
In addition our LTAD program athletes have access to resources and guidance for what they need to do outside of the gym as well!  
As a special offer for the Predators, we’re offering an introductory rate of $12 session! (Normally $15).  Simply enter “PREDS” at checkout to receive the discount for a single session.  For the 10 Pack Discount enter “PREDS10” and for the 20 Pack discount enter “PREDS20”.  
Sessions are available: 
  • M/T/W/TH @ 4:00  PM 
  • M/T/W/TH @ 7:00  PM 
  • and Friday @ 6:00  PM 
You may schedule in advance for as many sessions as you have purchased.  At checkout you may purchase 1 session, 10 sessions, or get 1 free session with purchase of 20! Each session during the week is different, so athletes may attend as many as their schedule permits.  We recommend 2-3 sessions a week if possible for maximum results.  
Follow this link to register: 
If you prefer, we can register over the phone by calling (561)249-0529.  
Sessions are filled on a first come/first serve basis.  The program is designed for athletes 13-17 and the workouts are scaled appropriately for the abilities and needs of each individual.  
About Coastal Performance 
Founded in 2010, Coastal Performance has built a reputation of professionalism, commitment, and results for athletes of all levels and sport.  We’ve coached over a 1000 athletes through over 100,000 training sessions since our inception. During that time we’ve earned the trust of 100’s of professional athletes who’s livelihood depends on getting the most out of their workouts.  Our staff of dedicated coaches have decades of experience and education working with elite athletes of all ages.
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